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im cecille, bands & youtubers are the reasons why i exist, probably my blog is funny but im not


When you see your friend about to be dragged



still wondering how they made this movie



have you ever had a dream of someone you haven’t seen or talked to in years and wonder if anyone ever randomly dreams about you too.


People will stop showing you pictures of their kids if you whisper “oh fuck yea” under your breath when you look at their photos.

i got a friend yes a friend, one day we were in our classroom with our teacher making our projects, we were laughing so hard of the joke i told her and then my teacher asked us that are we bestfriends cause it seems like bc of our closeness, so i was  expecting that she would say yes bc i also treat her as a bestfriends but suddenly, she caught my attention telling our teacher that she only treat me as a “friend”, you know it really hurted a lot bc all the time i was true to her, treating her as a bestfriends and doing everything just to be nice and worth friend of her but she it all disappear like a bubble popped in the air